Monday, July 2, 2012

Emergency Room

 My mother came out to visit a while ago and we had a blast...for the most part.  One day we were so excited to go to Arctic Circle (I go there so much, they know my name and what I order).  After getting Macy and Abraham upstairs, I realized I forgot Abraham's binky, so I ran real quick downstairs to grab it.  As I came up the stairs, I saw Macy holding my mom's medicine holder; you know the kind with the days of the week.  I didn't think that she had gotten anything because all the canisters were closed.  I told my mom and when she came up, she saw one of her pills on the floor and we could tell that it had either been put in Macy's mouth or licked.
 I called poison control in California and they told me that if she had taken one of my mom's blood pressure pills then she would be ok, but if she had taken two then it could kill her.  My mom didn't know how many pills she had in each canister because she had thrown a bunch in while she was on vacation.  We decided to take her to the pediatrician to see if there was anything they could do.  I was trying to avoid the ER if at all possible because we are without insurance at the moment.  They said there was nothing they could do and that we needed to take her to the ER immediately to have her watched for the next 6 hours.
 Well I would MUCH rather be safe than sorry, so we headed to the ER.  They put an oxygen monitor on Macy's toe and they took her blood pressure on her leg.  Macy was NOT a fan and was really scared.  At first she held strong, but after a couple times of them taking her blood pressure she looked at me with the saddest face and just started crying.  My heart ached for the little precious not knowing what was going on.  The last thing she knew, we were headed to play at Arctic Circle.
 After a couple hours of monitoring, they determined that she hadn't swallowed anything and we could go.  Hallelujah!  I would just die if anything happened to either of my precious babies...I need to always watch them and be so careful.
 The experience was very traumatizing for Macy.  She even just recounted the experience to me today.  She tells me how they took her blood pressure and makes the noise of the cuff and then tells me that she had to stay on the bed.   I hope this is one of the only times that I have to be in the ER with one of my babies.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mother's Day

 Macy's hair has finally been getting long enough to do some cute stuff with it.  So for Mother's Day I had dreams of doing it all cute.  I french braided the front and put it in piggy tails.  It lasted through Sacrament Meeting and all came out in least I got a picture.

 When I woke up, Clark wouldn't let me out of our room for awhile.  When he finally did, I found our mirror all decorated.  It said Happy Mother's Day on the mirror and Thank you for all your hard work around the mirror on multi colored post-it' cute and creative.
 I love my cute family!!!
I also got a pedicure!  I went with my sis-in-law Tami (it was her first one).  I adore pedicures and now my toes are a pretty mint turquoise color...I love looking at them.


 I think all siblings have a love/hate relationship while growing up.  Most of the time Macy loves her brother, but she doesn't quite enjoy the attention that has been taken away from her, or how she has to wait for me to feed/change/put to sleep/entertain Abraham before I can attend to her.
 Abraham puts up with a lot of abuse from Macy.  She loves to take out his binky and insert any foreign object she can find.  A couple objects include a rock, her hand, his hand, books, her foot, garbage, hair, etc.  If he is on the ground, Macy is sure to be there rolling him over and over until he is lodged up against some object.  If he is in his jumperoo, Macy is there bouncing him as hard and high as she can.  If he has a toy, Macy is there to take it away.  He is a very good sport about it all, he usually just complains a little bit.  The only time he makes a real fuss is when she takes his toys...don't take the boys toys or you will get a very upset baby.
 Macy is also very good at entertaining little chunka.  She saw me playing peek a boo with him and she caught right on.  She can get him really laughing.  When we are driving in the car, she always entertains him.  He will be squealing and laughing the entire drive...awesome!
 Macy and Brammer hammer look so much alike, but yet different.  Abraham is much darker than Macy and much much chunkier.  We measured their waist's and they are the same.  People always say that Abraham looks like Clark and Macy looks like me...I can see it, but I still think they both look like Clark.
 I hope they grow to be best buds throughout their lives.  I hope they can play together nicely and confide in one another as they grow.  I hope they stick up for each other and put each other up and not down.  I hope they can be proud to call each other brother and sister.  I hope they always love each other because I sure do love them.  I feel so blessed to be their mother.  I can't believe Heavenly Father entrusted such wonderful children to me!

Macy trying to feed Abraham a bottle even though he doesn't drink bottles...she has this fixation with putting anyting and everything in his mouth.  Silly girl.

Arctic Circle!

 Recently our favorite hang out is Arctic Circle.  A new one opened up in our area and it is my sanity.  I take Macy there almost every other day to play.  I love that I can let her play and not fear that she is gonna run into the street or somewhere else dangerous.  The picture above and the two below are from the Arctic Circle in Orem that we tried out...definitely not as good as the one by us, but it worked.
 She is so beautiful!

 I LOVE this play set.  Most of the play places were too big for Macy to play on because she couldn't climb up the steps, but this one was the perfect size for her, and because it is new, it is much cleaner than others.
 She learned how to swing on the bar above the slide.  For some reason I love when she does it, it makes me feel proud of how strong she is.

 Arctic Circle is soo cool because they give free courtesy cones with each purchase.  They even dip them...they won my heart at free.

My cousin and my baby

 My uncle Mark and his wife, Angie had a baby 3 days after I had Abraham.  This means that my cousin is 3 days younger than my son and 2 years younger than my funny. 
 I love that these two are so close in age, they will have a playmate at family functions.  We have already started trying to socilaize them.  Alexandra (my uncles daughter)  likes to investigate Abraham...she is definitely a girl.
 I watched her one day while my uncle worked on the yard and the kids had so much fun together.  I sang to them and little Alex was precious.   I'm not so sure how Abraham feels, he probably thinks girls have cooties already.
 The two cuties are pretty close in size although Abraham shows her up in girth.
 Macy loves loves loves holding babies.  She is always asking to hold Abraham and she jumped at the chance to hold another baby.


 Clark's family has an annual Easter celebration.  It's so fun for the kids because they make Easter baskets and go on an Easter Egg Hunt.  Of course they also have AMAZING food and great company.  This year we had homemade Cafe Rio and it was better than the real thing...I need me those recipes.
 Macy was so cute this year.  She was reminding me so much of myself when I was taking these pictures.  She has a lot of similar personality traits to myself and people have been saying that she looks a lot like me.  I just know that she is pretty cute!
 At first I had to show Macy what to do with the eggs lying all over the grass (we make it easy for the little ones), but she soon got the picture and was picking up egg after egg.  I think she got a few more than her share.
 She LOVED her basket full of eggs, she didn't let it go for a couple of days afterwards.  She carried it around like a purse saying, "Easter Basket," over and over.

 She kept asking for jelly beans all day long, so I finally had to put the basket away, out of sight out of mind right?  It seemed to work and that basket is still in the cupboard full of jellybean filled eggs.
 It is so fun watching Macy grow and learn. 

 I just die over Macy's picture smiling...sometimes it's normal and other times it is hysterical.

 The crooked smile is my favorite!


Lately Macy has been very all started when we went on a walk and saw some ladybugs.  I picked them up and asked if she wanted to hold one.  She was a little nervous, tried, but was too jumpy to actually hold a ladybug.  Later, she started pretending that she was holding a ladybug.  She would hold out one finger and say she had a ladybug and try to get Clark and I to hold it as well.  She has been doing this for awhile now, but today she took it to a new level.  We were playing at the Del Taco play place and she was running in circles saying the alligator was gonna get her.  All seemed normal til she came over to me with her hand out and said she was holding an alligator.  She has a little toy alligator so I figured that she was just imagining that one.  Then the alligator turned into one that could fit on the tip of her finger.  This alligator is the smallest and nicest alligator that I have met.  It played in her shirt and on the window and I even got to hold it for a bit.  My daughter has imaginary friends.

Macy has been pretty creative with getting out of bed since she was quite little.  She has asked for drinks, to go to the bathroom (she is not potty trained), to kiss Abraham, to sing one more song, etc.  Since she has moved to a big girl bed, it has gotten to a whole new level.   She started saying that there were spiders.  This one was a hard one because if there were spiders, we didn't want to ignore it.  One night, she was looking at the floor in the same place so Clark turned on the light and searched for the spider, there were none.  So every night we have to tell her there are no spiders.  She turned it to monsters and her latest is robots.  She says, "No robots."  And we confirm.   She is really into robots at the moment.  I asked her what robots do and she said, "dance."  She cracks me up!

Every morning and every time Macy wakes up from a nap, she says, "Goog (good) Morning!  I had a good nap!"  She has always been a happy waker uper.

Macy does not like when Abraham sleeps.  She is constantly trying to wake him up and usually succeeds.  Mommy no likey.  Clark says that she wants her partner in crime.  We tried to move Abraham out of our room and into hers, but that was not successful because Macy saw that he was in there and stuck her hands through the bars of his crib and woke him up.  It will be a great day when we can move him out of our room.

Abraham started sitting at 5 months in the tripod position and has gotten better and better at it.  He still falls over a lot, he doesn't realize what happens when he reaches for toys.  He plays with his toys a lot more than macy did.  He finds all the little details on the toys and investigates them.  He is also VERY strong.  Hold him once and you will see.  He will pull your hair, pinch anything he can get a hold of, attack your chin and bite with a death grip.  We have had many a tug of war.

Abraham is almost a perfect baby.  He eats great, is chubby, has dimples, almost never cries, giggles so easily, loves his mommy (and daddy and sister), etc.  The only problem is sleep, he is up about every 1-3 hours in the night.  I say that he has to have something that's not perfect otherwise he would be taken back to Heavenly Father and I want him here with me.  I love my little chunka!